FAREWELL: Sean Spicer’s Greatest Hits & Not-So-Top 10 Moments at the White House


Today is former press secretary Sean Spicer’s last day at the White House. As one of Twitter’s favorite members of the Trump Administration, Spicer’s best days and worst days often resulted in viral internet content. From his outrageous demeanor, to his even more outrageous statements, Spicer’s tenure defending an often indefensible White House was riddled with fantastic moments.

For many in the media, watching Spicer’s daily tirades on cable news was akin to watching a sitcom, or perhaps a reality TV show — you never knew what the press secretary was going to say, or if it made sense, but it almost always was entertaining.

From the bottom of our hearts, if we have them, we at Mediaite will miss Spicer’s tremendous content. So in honor of his last day, below is a compilation of both his greatest hits and his “Not Top 10” moments serving as White House press secretary.

The one where Spicer ridiculously defended Trump’s inauguration crowd, claiming “largest audience ever”:

The one where Sean Spicer said “even Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons” (he did):

The one where Spicer hid “next to the Bushes,” instead of “in the bushes”:

According to the Washington Post, Spicer hid “in the bushes” while James Comey was being fired. However, Spicer was not pleased with this telling of the facts and the paper was asked to correct their article to note that Spicer was hiding “next to” the bushes.

The one where Spicer snarked the press corp by saying, “we’re gonna raise our hands like big boys and girls”:

The one where Gronk dropped into a press conference asking to help out and Spicer fan-girled:

The one where Spicer just walked out of a press briefing, causing the press corp to erupt into a chorus of “Sean!!”:

The one where Spicer’s American flag pin was upside down, sparking theories that it was a distress signal or a House of Cards ad:

The one where Spicer channeled his Melissa McCarthy SNL character:

The one where Spicer wore a green-tie, which the internet then turned into a green-screen:

The one where Sean Spicer told April Ryan to stop shaking her head:

The one where Spicer said “we have to be honest,” but added “we can sometimes disagree with the facts”:

The one where Spicer said “the president has been very clear on [insert issue]” — when the president had not been clear on said issue:

The one where Catholic Spicer didn’t get to meet the pope on a trip to the Vatican — but then got to meet the pope during his last week:

Republican or Democrat, we love a happy ending — and Spicer’s journey in the White House had just that. The former Trump spokesman, who is a Catholic, was unable to meet Pope Francis during a trip in which Trump and others in his circle met the pontiff. However, Spicer finally had the pleasure of meeting His Holiness during a political event at the Vatican this week.

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