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Seth Meyers Roasts GOP for Obsessing Over Hillary Clinton’s Emails: ‘Oh My God, Guys, Let It Go!’

Seth Meyers used his latest Closer Look segment to roast Senate Republicans for their obsession with Hillary Clinton and her emails during Wednesday’s William Barr hearing.

Meyers started off by noting that it was “huge news” that the man who wrote the report “complained that Trump’s handpicked attorney general misled the country” about his report.

“And yet, when they had the chance to ask Barr about that news in a hearing today, Republican senators mostly acted like it didn’t happen,” Meyers said.

The Late Night host then pointed out that leading Republican Senator Lindsey Graham hadn’t even read the full Mueller report but seemed to have other things in mind during the hearing.

“So Graham admitted he hadn’t even read the whole report, and then he decided to spend the rest of his time harping not on Mueller but on the GOP’s favorite obsession: Hillary Clinton,” Meyers quipped.

Graham was not alone, though, according to Meyers. Other Senate Republicans also seemed obsessed “over somebody that wasn’t even in the room.”

“Oh my god, guys, let it go!” Meyers exclaimed.

Then he said this: “A thousand years from now, when global warming has destroyed the planet and hordes of zombie bandits roam the countryside, a gang of survivors is going to find an abandoned room in the Capitol with these words scrawled in blood: what about Hillary’s emails?

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