Seth Meyers Blasts Trump’s Golf Club Nosh: ‘In a Real Emergency, No One Goes to the Omelet Bar’

Late Night host Seth Meyers ripped President Donald Trump for declaring a national emergency and then heading to Florida over the weekend where he golfed at his club and apparently had time to visit the omelet bar.

Meyers first started by pointing out Trump declared the emergency and then slammed the press, a move he suggested hinted at Trump’s dictatorial aspirations.

Trump also spent the weekend in Florida where he waited for his breakfast at the omelet bar at his golf club.

“There’s no clearer sign that this is not a real emergency than the fact that he is at an omelet bar,” Meyers quipped. “In a real emergency, no one goes to the omelet bar.”

Meyers also stressed that Trump further undercut his own emergency declaration when he said — during the same speech as he declared the emergency — that he “didn’t need” to do it, but he’d rather do it “faster.”

“You didn’t need to do this then it’s not an emergency!” Meyers said. “That’s the exact opposite of an emergency, that’s a choice. That’s like saying I’m having emergency surgery to get butt implants.”

Watch above, via NBC

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