Tapper: Trump is Giving Putin’s View on Venezuela ‘Almost as If He Is the Spokesman for the Kremlin’

CNN’s Jake Tapper and his panel today went in on President Donald Trump for how he talked about his phone call with Vladimir Putin.

Trump said they didn’t discuss Russian election interference, and Tapper said, “Once again, it seems like President Trump taking the word of Vladimir Putin over his own top intelligence and national security officials, who say there was Russian election interference, period.”

Bill Kristol brought up the infamous Helsinki press conference and pointed to whet the Mueller report revealed about Russian interference in the election.

At one point Tapper brought up how Trump echoed what he heard from Putin about Venezuela––that Russia doesn’t want to “get involved”––despite how officials in his administration have directly called out Russia for helping prop up Nicolas Maduro.

“President Trump is not saying, well, this is what Putin claims,” Tapper said. “He is giving Putin’s point of view, almost as if he is the spokesman for The Kremlin. ‘He is not looking at all to get involved in Venezuela.’ There are Russian troops in Venezuela!”

Even in the segment when Tapper noted how well the Trump economy is doing, he and others at the table noted that Trump tends to step all over his good messaging with stuff like this.

You can watch above, via CNN.

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