The View Hosts Tell Ben Carson to Leave Job in the Trump Administration: ‘Get Out of There’


The hosts of The View all came together to criticize Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson and what they see has his misplaced talents in President Donald Trump’s cabinet.

“You’re a great surgeon. You’re a magnificent surgeon,” Whoopi Goldberg said Wednesday. “I know this because Sunny told me, her husband told me. You need to get out of HUD, get out of there.”

Sunny Hostin followed up, explaining that her husband studied at John Hopkins University and Carson was one of his professors. “He was so welcoming to us … he’s just not placed well here.”

“As someone who did grow up in the projects, Ben,” Hostin said. “You’re not in the right place.”

The hosts were speaking about Carson’s hearing with a House committee, where Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) asked him about REO properties – which Carson apparently misinterpreted as a question about Oreo cookies.

‘Real Estate Owned’ is defined as “houses that have been seized by banks or other lenders from people who are unable to pay their mortgages,” according to

Carson still had to hazard a guess at what the term meant after Porter repeated her question.

“One of the things he was working on was developing new methods to treat brain cell tumors and revitalizing techniques to control seizures … when you have this gift where you could be helping families like mine to sustain life, to help brain tumors, I don’t understand when you have a gift like that why you’re doing this,” Meghan McCain said.

“I would prefer his talent going to helping brain tumors,” McCain said.

“He’s also under the influence of ‘Donald Svengali’ who created this cult of mentally crazy people,” Joy Behar added.

“He’s not the nice Ben I know,” Hostin said.

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