The Young Turks Rip Fox News’ Pledge of the Allegiance Segment: ‘False Flag Operation’


On Friday morning, Fox & Friends opened up with a segment dedicated to showing children in a faux classroom reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

At one point during the spot, Fox News’ Pete Hegseth claimed the flag is “seen by some as a dividing or divisive symbol.”

He also told the children who had joined the Fox crew in the studio, “Keep loving this country.”

Yet, the segment did not sit well well with the hosts of The Young Turks who — while NOT knocking the pledge itself — were not at all impressed with Fox News’ theatrics.

Ana Kasparian started off by saying that the real reason Fox News was doing the segment was because they are “crazy.”

“There is obviously nothing wrong with the Pledge of Allegiance but this is not a national issue,” she stressed, while the headline “False Flag Operation” ran on the screen.

Then after noting everyone says the pledge at sporting events or other places, she noted: “We have members of our military dying for needless wars and they are like, you know, we really need to have a long discussion about the Pledge of Allegiance and whether or not students are being forced to do it enough.”

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