‘This is of Course The Swamp’: Fox Contributor Trashes George W. Bush and Colin Powell For Not Backing Trump


A Fox News contributor derided prominent Republicans George W. Bush, Colin Powell and Mitt Romney as part of “the swamp” over their apparent refusal get in line with the party by supporting President Donald Trump in the upcoming election.

The New York Times reported Sunday night that Bush “won’t support the re-election of Mr. Trump,” according to sources familiar with the 43rd president’s thinking. Sen. Romney (R-UT) will also not back the current president. Bush’s secretary of state, Colin Powell, criticized Trump in an interview on CNN Sunday and said he would support Democrat Joe Biden in November.

On Fox & Friends Monday morning, contributor Tammy Bruce dismissed the news as standard swamp fare.

When asked if she was surprised, Bruce replied “no.”

“This is of course the swamp,” Bruce explained. “It’s really about what’s best for the party or what’s best for the country. This confirms what we did in 2016. We suspected that major leaders on both sides of the aisle didn’t care about the average American.”

Bruce pointed out that Powell has not voted for a Republican since 2004, and allowed that while Bush and Romney are “decent men,” “the fact of the matter is they’re products of this swamp environment.”

“There’s only one endorsement that really matters and that’s President Trump’s endorsement,” Bruce added.

The Fox contributor went on to call the prominent Republicans declining to endorse their party leader “an insult… for the American people.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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