Trump Accuses Google of ‘Illegal’ Conduct, Citing Fired Employee Who Promoted White Supremacist


President Donald Trump continued to attack the credibility of Google in a series of tweets, citing comments from a former employee who was fired after reportedly seeking to raise money for a white supremacist.

Conservative media has become convinced that the algorithms underlying Google’s search results — the influence of which are wildly outsized given the size of the search engine behemoth and the critical role its algorithm plays in the distribution of information — have an anti-conservative bias.

While there is little proof to support the conspiratorial claim — and Google has denied it — former employee Kevin Cernekee has alleged in a series of Fox News interviews that, during his timve as an engineer there,  he witnessed lots of casual anti-Trump rhetoric within the staff and claimed that they want to “make sure Trump loses in 2020.”

So it was in this context that Trump tweeted, on Tuesday, about his meeting with Google CEO Sundar Pichai, claiming the exec had lauded his administration.

But then…

The president turned to cite former Google engineer Cernekee, a Trump supporter who claimed he was fired by Google because he expressed his conservative views on internal message boards. After calling out Google, Cernekee has become something of a cause célèbre on the right.

In the midst of all this pearl clutching, however, the Daily Caller reported on Monday that Cernekee had made some “troubling” posts on those internal message boards about Richard Spencer, the famed white supremacist.

Referring to Spencer as a “prominent conservative activist,” Cernekee tried to convince his Google colleagues to raise money for a “bounty” to find the protestor who punched Spencer in 2017. Cernekee said it would be a “nice gesture,” but the request for funds apparently infuriated his fellow employees.

Despite that Daily Caller report, Cernekee somehow made it onto a Fox Business interview with Lou Dobbs on Monday night, where he railed against Google as biased, prompting multiple tweets from Trump:

All caught up now? You can watch the Lou Dobbs clip Trump shared last night above, via FBN.

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