Trump Admits He Retweets Bad Accounts: The ‘Bigger Problem’ is the Retweets


While insisting that he does not regret posts he has written on Twitter, President Donald Trump did voice regret for some of his “retweets” while speaking to C-SPAN during an interview at the White House that aired on Tuesday.

“Not much, honestly not much,” the president replied after being asked by C-SPAN political editor Steve Scully about if he regrets any of his 43,000 tweets. “I sent the one about the wiretapping, in quotes, and that turned out to be true, remember the big deal that was? I heard like about a minute after I sent that, and I said, yeah I did, what’s the big deal?”

“The reason it was such a big deal is that it turned out to be true,” he added, before pivoting: “I guess you could say a lot of the time, the bigger problem are the retweets.”

“You know, you’ll retweet something that sounds good but it turns out to be a player that’s not the best player in the world,” Trump continued. “But overall, I would say no, not at all, I think it’s a modern day form of communication.”

The president’s remarks about his retweets came on the same day that he tagged and retweeted posts shared by two of his supporters who believe in the fringe QAnon conspiracy theory. One of the accounts Trump retweeted had alleged the Clintons are slowing their aging process by drinking the brain fluid of small children they “tortured and sacrificed.”

Additionally, Trump was widely criticized over days ago after retweeting a far-right user who authored a post referring to Baltimore as a “shithole.”

Watch above, via C-SPAN.

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