Trump Blasts ‘Disaster’ Scaramucci: ‘I Wouldn’t Take His Call and Lo and Behold, He Feels Differently’ About Me


President Donald Trump is hitting back at the former media ally and short-term White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci during a Tuesday press spray outside Marine One.

Scaramucci got a lot of attention late Sunday evening when called for the Republican party to reconsider the top of the 2020 ticket in a weekend interview with Axios. Scarammuci later amplified this sentiment to CNN New Day anchor John Berman, saying ” The overwhelming flood of texts, phone conversations, and support last night from people that are actually inside the White House, up on Capitol Hill, former elected officials, current people in positions of power, current elected officials is truly staggering.” When pressed to name names, Scaramucci declined.

He also called Trump’s attempt to divide the country “pernicious evil” before calling on the GOP to call-in a “relief pitcher” to replace Trump on the top of the Republican ticket in 2020.

When asked by an unidentified reporter, Trump did not demur in his criticism of Scaramucci.

“Well, Anthony was a guy that worked for me who really didn’t have a clue,” he opened, adding “He worked for 11 days. He made terrible statements and gestures and everything to people that worked in the office.”

After noting Scaramucci’s shifting political alliances, and the suggestion that he is a bandwagon jumper, Trump made clear his feelings with “I’m not a fan of Anthony I haven’t been for a long time. I think Anthony is somebody who is very much out of control, he doesn’t have what it takes.”

Trump then explained how Scarmucci “wanted to come back into the administration for the last five months begging me to come back in, I said ‘Anthony, I can’t take you in I’m sorry.’

After refusing to take what can fairly be described by Trump as incessant and bothersome calls, the President revealed that “I wouldn’t take his call, and lo and behold, now he feels differently. But Anthony is upset because he wanted certain things. The main thing he wanted was to come back into the administration. And as you remember better than I do, he was a disaster for the 11 days.”

Watha above via Fox News.

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