Trump Defends Chicago Police’s Right to Protest Mayor: ‘The Killings Must Stop!’

President Donald Trump sent off a fiery tweet early Friday evening defending the right of the Chicago police to protest against Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

“Chicago Police have every right to legally protest against the mayor and an administration that just won’t let them do their job, ” Trump wrote. “The killings are at a record pace and tough police work, which Chicago will not allow, would bring things back to order fast…the killings must stop!”

Trump’s tweet comes just days after Chicago police union leaders told Emanuel during a City Council meeting that he had turned their backs on them.

Meanwhile, off-duty officers and Fraternal Order of Police members marched in the City Hall lobby, shouting: “Rahm must go! Back the blue!” they chanted and carried “Blue Lives Matter” signs.

The police officers’ protest was also met with a number of counter-protesters on the scene who, according to the Chicago Tribune, shouted to cops who had their backs turned, “We need freedom, freedom! All these racist-a– cops, we don’t need them, need them!”

It is unclear what prompted Trump to tweet about the Chicago police protests two days later.

[image via Twitter]

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