Trump is Grumbling About Amazon’s $10 Billion Deal With the Pentagon and GOP Lawmakers Are Frustrated


A number of Republicans in Congress are urging President Donald Trump to not interfere in military contract negotiations with Amazon, saying delays “will only damage our security.”

Trump has frequently complained about and singled out Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos due to reporting about the Trump administration in The Washington Post — which is owned by Bezos. Amazon is negotiating with Defense Department over a Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure, or JEDI, contract — in a process Trump is suggesting was not competitive.

“I’m getting tremendous complaints about the contract with the Pentagon and with Amazon,” Trump said Thursday in the Oval Office. “They’re saying it was not competitively bid. This is going a long time, I guess probably before this administration. And we’re looking at it very seriously,”

ABC News reported that this comment prompted a letter from House Republicans urging Trump not to get involved with the contract negotiations.

“We believe it is essential for our national security to move forward as quickly as possible with the award and implementation of this contract,” the letter reads.

“Our committee has conducted oversight of this contract from the beginning,” it continues. “Further delays will only damage our security and increase the costs of the contract.”

In November, the Government Accountability Office denied a protest challenging that the contract was stacked in favor of Amazon. The decision meant Amazon could go ahead with its bid and the company has been widely reported to have an edge up on the competition.

The contract battle is widely seen as between Amazon and Microsoft at this point.

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