Trump on Boris Johnson: ‘They Call Him Britain Trump … That’s What They Need’

During a speech addressing the conservative youth group Turning Point USA, President Donald Trump said people are calling Boris Johnson the “Britain Trump”.

“We have a really good man who’s going to be the prime minister of the U.K. now, Boris Johnson. Good man, he’s tough, and he’s smart,” said the president. Newly appointed UK Prime Minister Johnson came into power Tuesday, replacing Theresa May who announced her resignation in May.

Ten percent of the British population is “pleased” with Johnson, while 37 percent are reportedly dismayed according to a YouGov poll.

“They’re saying ‘Britain Trump.’ They call him Britain Trump, and people are saying that’s a good thing. They like me over there. That’s what they wanted. That’s what they need.”

This may be an overstatement. On The Late Show last Friday night, John Oliver made the same comparison, but it had a little less-than-positive spin.

“It’s not going great. It’s chaotic and it’s about to get worse. To say he’s like a failed clone of Donald Trump is perfect because it’s an insult to both of them somehow. It’s like saying what do you want to eat for dinner: A bowl of shit or a bowl of screws. They’re both awful and they will hurt you in different ways,” Oliver said.

A YouGov poll shows the U.K. population has a 21 percent popular opinion of Trump.

You can watch the speech above.

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