Trump Openly Brags About China Purchases From U.S. Farmers, Which Bolton Book Says Were to Help Reelection


President Donald Trump openly bragged about the deal John Bolton claimed he made with China’s President Xi Jinping to aid in his reelection in an interview with Anna Wiernicki of Nexstar Broadcasting on Wednesday.

Excerpts from Bolton’s memoir The Room Where it Happened revealed that Trump personally asked Xi to help him win the 2020 presidential election, and the president claimed China was buying products from the U.S. immediately following his former aide’s revelations. Bolton specifically claimed that Trump asked Xi to help with the election during discussions surrounding the trade deal last year.

The president boasted about the million tickets he sold for his rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Saturday before commenting on the trade deal he made with the Chinese government.

“Really buying a lot of product, I tell you,” he said. “Really living up to the deal so far. They’re buying tremendous product from farmers and from manufactures and from everywhere else.”

The president made remarks on the “plague flown in from China,” adding that he felt bad about what happened to the country. He confirmed that Americans could expect another stimulus check amid the pandemic, but also claimed that the economy is booming following the outbreak.

Trump also bashed Democrats for wanting to defund the police, noting that he wants “law and order” in the U.S. and referencing his deployment of the National Guard.

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