Trump Unleashes on Mueller: I Rejected Him as FBI Director Day Before He Was Appointed Special Counsel

President Donald Trump was apparently unsatisfied with how he left things with his White House press scrum, because he attacked Special Counsel Robert Mueller again on his way to Colorado.

In his latest tweet, Trump complained that Mueller was appointed to the position of special counsel after visiting him at the White House, supposedly because he wanted to lead the FBI. This comes after former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly claimed that the president called him last night and said Mueller cancelling his membership with one of Trump’s golf clubs constitutes a conflict of interest.

But according to the Mueller report, former White House senior adviser Steve Bannon told investigators that Mueller was invited to the White House on other business, and that Mueller “did not come in looking for the job.”

In his earlier tweets today, Trump railed against “the Greatest Presidential Harassment in history” while admitting Russia helped him win the 2016 election. He tried to walk back from that statement as he spoke to reporters today, but the question remains why Trump bothered to post the same tweeted admission twice.

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