Trump Ridicules Scaramucci With Highlight Reel: ‘Nobody Ever Heard of This Dope Until He Met Me’


President Donald Trump hit back at Anthony Scaramucci with a late Monday night tweet designed to ridicule and diminish the former White House Communications Director turned Trump critic.

The presidential tweet included a nearly minute-long video of Scaramucci praising the president with President Trump adding “Nobody ever heard of this dope until he met me. He only lasted 11 days!” Of course, President Trump himself hired “this dope” as White House Communications Director, so there’s that.

Trump tweeted:

The video shared by Trump predictably includes only moments of Scaramucci praising the president. As Scaramucci has made clear in numerous interviews, however, its Trump’s recent rhetoric that he sees as irresponsible and racially divisive that has caused his change of heart.

Scaramucci has become not just a vocal critic of the Commander in Chief for whom he served two years ago, but he has also claimed to be working with former Trump cabinet officials who have privately rebuked Trump and is aiming to create what he calls an “off-ramp” for Republican party members he believes are trapped by a “loyalty trap.”

Following a Monday morning appearance on CNN New Day in which he announced plans to find a new candidate to top the Republican ticket in the 2020 general election, Scaramucci wrote an editorial published in the Washington Post that challenged his fellow party members to “summon the nerve” and speak out against Trump.

Scaramucci wrote:

I challenge my fellow Republicans to summon the nerve to speak out on the record against Trump. Defy the culture of fear he has created, and go public with the concerns you readily express in private. Hold on to your patriotism, and help save the country from his depredations. And to members of the so-called resistance, please leave room on the off-ramp for those willing to admit their mistakes.

Given the hyper divided political world — and what critics call a reasonably feckless GOP leadership — we shouldn’t be surprised that cracks in Trump’s support would come from the very medium that helped his rise to power: cable news. And while cynics can reasonably call Scaramucci’s turn a craven ploy for more cable news appearances, there is another layer to this that is pretty fascinating.

Scaramucci and Trump are playing by the very same playbook. And for every Mooch hit that calls out the president’s alleged mental instability, Trump will likely hit back harder. But that tactic won’t shut Scaramucci up, it will only bring more attention to his mission to bring down the president, and even paint Trump as the unhinged and vindictive person that Mooch is describing.

Has Trump met his match in Scaramucci? Not likely. But this is not the last we’ve seen of Trump vs. Mooch, and if the White House doesn’t play this carefully, it could actually lead to Trump’s undoing.

UPDATE: Trump is not done hitting his former employee. To wit:

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