Trump Said Democrats ‘Want Human Trafficking’ at an Official Event and It Didn’t Even Make News


From an impeachment inquiry to the president accusing his political foes of treason, last week was a non-stop, fucknutsville-themed rollercoaster ride in Washington, D.C., but one of Donald Trump’s more outlandish and disturbing moments managed to slip out of the newscycle entirely.

During a Thursday photo op on the White House South Lawn, 200 sheriffs from around the country met with Trump to discuss security on the U.S.-Mexico border, but the president used the law enforcement gathering to accuse Democrats of explicitly supporting human traffickers.

“The border is like a different place … We’ve changed laws and we’ve done many different things,” said Trump to a crowd of sheriffs from 40 different states, all of which support hardline border enforcement policies. “We can’t get the Democrats to do anything. They won’t change any of the loopholes, and would make it so much easier, as you know. They won’t change loopholes. They won’t change asylum. They won’t do anything with asylum.”

The president continued by unequivocally putting Democrats in the same category as criminals who sell hard drugs and human beings they smuggle into America: “They want open borders, and, frankly, I think they want crime. But they want open borders. They want drugs. They want human trafficking. And it’s a disgrace.”

Despite the objectively false and hysterical nature of these presidential remarks, they were not covered by a single publication or network aside from CSPAN.

Curiously enough, Trump’s own administration — not Democrats — recently moved to indefinitely delay a $13.5 million grant to aid human trafficking victims. In September, the White House shelved funding for the initiative, which was focused on providing shelter for those victimized by sex and labor traffickers, shortly after it was announced that “non-citizens” were eligible to receive the assistance. The Justice Department purports that the grant was “postponed” and not cancelled, despite the program’s federal website stating, “This Funding Opportunity has been CANCELLED and is NO longer accepting applications.”

The White House event — which was partially sponsored by the Federation for American Immigration Reform, an anti-immigration advocacy group founded by a white nationalist — concluded with the group of sheriffs formally recognizing Trump for his administration’s border policies.

“This is a very important award. This is a great honor. And I have tremendous respect for the people standing alongside of me.” said the president, as law enforcement officials gathered around him began applauding.

One official invited to the event, Sheriff Thomas Hodgson of Bristol County, Massachusetts, insisted that Trump has been a catalyst for cracking down on undocumented immigrants.

“President Trump has done more to support law enforcement in two years than we’ve seen congress do in two decades,” Hodgson said.

Watch the president’s comments above, via the White House.

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