Trump Slammed for Dismissing Whistleblower Written Answers: ‘What a Raging Hypocrite!’


President Donald Trump has been accused of hypocrisy for dismissing the Ukraine scandal whistleblower agreement to answer written questions from Congressional Republicans.

Trump kicked off the workweek by getting on the Twitter machine and launching a bunch of new barbs at the “disgraceful” impeachment inquiry of his dealings with Ukraine.

At one point, Trump resumed his attacks on the whistleblower while saying it would be “not acceptable” if they are only pressed by written questions.

Trump was reacting to the news that Mark Zaid, the legal representative for the whistleblower, has offered a deal where his client will answer questions from House Republicans under oath if they submit written inquiries to his team. It is currently unclear if the GOPers on the Intelligence Committee will take the deal or not.

While Trump is calling this arrangement insufficient, it may be worth remembering that the president declined to speak directly to Robert Mueller during his investigations on Russia and obstruction of justice. Instead, Trump only submitted written answers to Mueller’s questions, which the special counsel “generally” deemed “inadequate and incomplete” during his testimony before Congress.

Critics recall this detail, so they find it interesting that Trump is demanding the whistleblower be held to a standard he refused to abide by:

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