Trump Slams Dems for Making Border Wall a Campaign Issue: It Will ‘Get Built One Way or the Other!’

On Saturday, President Donald Trump slammed Democrats for making the border wall a campaign issue and pledged to get his wall built “one way or the other!”

“The Democrats just don’t seem to want Border Security,” the president wrote in a tweet sent shortly after 5 pm. “They are fighting Border Agents recommendations.”

Then, suggesting that he was basing at least some of his information on stuff he heard on the news, Trump wrote: “If you believe news reports, they are not offering much for the Wall.”

Trump then added this: “They look to be making this a campaign issue. The Wall will get built one way or the other!”

His tweet comes on the same day as Trump’s perennial foe Elizabeth Warren formally announced her presidential bid with a rally.

Warren — like other Democratic 2020 hopefuls — has repeatedly slammed Trump’s plans to build a border wall.

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