Trump Slaps Chief of Staff Mulvaney For Contradicting Him: ‘He Had No Right to Say That’

President Donald Trump smacked acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney during an interview, saying “he had no right” to contradict him on the administration’s infrastructure plan.

Speaking with Fox News’ Steve Hilton in an interview airing on Sunday’s The Next Revolution at 9 p.m., Trump was asked whether he still wants to pursue a large infrastructure plan with Democrats — even after Mulvaney downplayed the possibility of reaching a deal last month.

“I think there’s a much better chance of getting NAFTA passed than getting an infrastructure deal passed,” Mulvaney said last month during a talk at the Milken Institute.

“If Mick Mulvaney said that, then he has no right to say that,” Trump told Fox News. “He tells me he didn’t say that and he didn’t mean it. He said it’s going to be hard to finance.”

Trump said he still wants a deal on infrastructure, but “I think we’re being played by the Democrats.”

“I think what they want me to do is say, ‘well what we’ll do is raise taxes, and we’ll do this and this and this,’ and then they’ll have a news conference – ‘see, Trump wants to raise taxes,'” Trump said.

Both top Democratic officials and the president suggested a previous infrastructure meeting went well, but there has not been much word on where the negotiations will go next.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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