Trump Spends Monday Morning Bingeing Fox & Friends, Then Attacks Network as a ‘Disaster’

Alex Wong/Getty Images

President Donald Trump attacked Fox News on Twitter Monday, calling the network a “disaster” after he spent his morning watching Fox and Friends and tweeting out segments from the network.

“So hard to watch [Fox News] anymore. They are working so hard against the people (viewers) that got them there. Their contributors are a disaster, and all over the place,” he wrote. “The Radical Left has scared Fox into submission, just like they have so many others. Sad, but we will WIN!”

Earlier that morning, Trump took to Twitter to quote a Fox and Friends segment that claimed the number of registered Republican voters has gone up while Democrat numbers have gone down:

Trump also posted Fox News segments with two Republican representatives, one from Jeanine Pirro’s July 11 interview with Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and another from Maria Bartiromo’s interview with Rep. Jim  Jordan (R-OH). Gaetz addressed the removal and destruction of statues across the United States during his interview, calling it a “cultural genocide,” while Jordan discussed the John Durham investigation.

Trump has tweeted out segments from Fox News hundreds of times in 2020.

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