Trump Supporters Protest ‘Gross’ Campaign Fundraising Emails: ‘Like Mob Collections’

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President Donald Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign is coming under fire over campaign fundraising emails which some supporters are calling “gross” and “scary.”

Most of the emails — which typically claimed to be from the president himself or one of his children — attempted to shame Trump supporters for not donating enough money, and used manipulative language to guilt recipients into giving more, prompting social media users to make comparisons to “mob collections” and “slumlord” eviction notices.

“I hate to be the one to tell you, but according to our records, your Trump 100 Club offer has been RESCINDED,” read one email, which was posted on Twitter. “You’ve received multiple emails from Team Trump, including my father, inviting you to join this BRAND NEW, prestigious club, and you’ve ignored every single one of them.”

“President Trump knows that you’ve always been such a strong supporter in the past, so he agreed to let me reactivate your offer for ONE MORE DAY,” it concluded.

Other emails put “FINAL NOTICE” in red at the top, giving them the appearance of an overdue bill, while one — which claimed to be from Donald Trump Jr. — read, “Should I tell my father that you aren’t interested?”

Trump supporters and conservatives criticized the emails, with some demanding that President Trump fire campaign manager Brad Parscale.

“Say, @parscale. . . this is poor messaging. Hire better writers, for goodness sake. We’re not goddamn INFANTS or derelict tenants,” tweeted American Greatness Managing Editor Ben Boychuk. “Stop treating the base with CONTEMPT and try a bit of respect. Mr. President, are you seeing this? God is in the details.”

Townhall columnist Kurt Schlichter also complained about similar text messages he had been receiving.

“Don’t ever again send me a text that treats me like an idiot. I am hearing from A LOT of supporters of the President that they are getting EXTREMELY insulted and angry at this garbage. Stop it,” complained Schlichter, prompting Parscale to deny that the text message in question was from the official campaign.

War Room: Pandemic co-host Raheem Kassam, however, then replied to Parscale with very similar texts which were clearly from the official Trump campaign phone number, though Parscale did not respond.

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