Trump Complains About ‘Unfair’ Question on 1,000 Prosecutors Saying He’d Be Charged If He Wasn’t POTUS

In a newly-released portion of his interview with George Stephanopoulos, Donald Trump got quite irritated when asked about the numerous legal analysts who say he would’ve been charged for obstruction of justice if he wasn’t president.

Further, the ABC host noted that a bipartisan mix of 1,000 former federal prosecutors have signed onto a statement saying Trump would’ve faced felony obstruction charges by now were it not for Justice Department policy saying he can’t be as president.

“They’re all politicians. I know more about prosecutors than you’ll ever know,” Trump said. “They’re politicians. I could get you 5,000 that would also say that there’s nothing. I saw their names. And these are all, many of them, are Trump haters.”

Trump continued to rail against the premise of the question saying “I could get you thousands of prosecutors that say this is the most unfair…”

“Even a question like that’s unfair,” Trump said.

“There’s nothing unfair about the question,” Stephanopoulos responded. He continued by bringing up presidential hopeful Kamala Harris, who says she “would have no choice” but to prosecute Trump if she defeats him in 2020.

“Oh, give me a break. She’s running for president. She’s doing horribly,” Trump said. “You know what? Who wouldn’t? Probably if I were running in her position, I’d make the same statement.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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