Trumpian FOMO? Maggie Haberman Reports Biden-Putin Summit Underscored for Trump ‘He’s Not President Anymore’


New York Times’ Maggie Haberman said that watching Joe Biden meet Vladimir Putin made Donald Trump finally realize he is no longer President of the United States.

On Thursday, Haberman spoke to CNN’s John Berman about the differences between the Biden-Putin summit in Geneva and Trump’s 2018 meeting with the Russian leader in Helsinki.

“This is the event that I would say underscored for people around Trump, and the former president himself, the fact that he’s not president anymore,” she said. “This was the kind of event on the world stage, getting enormous attention, that he really enjoyed, that he saw as one of the trappings of the office that he thought spoke to a sense of power and strength.”

Haberman reported that people close to Trump witnessed Biden’s combative exchange with CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, and they grumbled that it would’ve been a “a huge complaint” against the former president who waged war with the media on a regular basis. She mostly stuck to her point though that the summit was a moment of realization that “‘oh, someone else is president and not Donald Trump.'”

“Trumpian FOMO,” Berman summed up.

The two went on to dissect Trump’s latest comments to Fox News’ Sean Hannity, which included the former president’s claim that “my endorsement means more than any endorsement that has ever been given by anybody.” Haberman assessed that Trump is trying to keep his options open for his political future while balancing that against the ongoing legal battles he faces.

Watch above, via CNN.

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