TRUMPNOBYL: Anthony Scaramucci Goes OFF on ‘Mad Night King’ in Plea for Public to Get Involved

Former White House Communications Director — and recent convert to the legion of anti-Trump cable news contributors — Anthony Scaramucci called on his Twitter followers to contact their “public servants and ask them to act…” in an apparent plea to encourage Federal legislators to intervene with what many see as an increasingly unstable President Donald Trump.

Scarmucci recently converted to criticizing Trump roughly two weeks ago, after he saw Trump’s political rhetoric as perniciously divisive and racist. On a late Friday in August, however, in response to a curious set of Tweets in which Trump suggested his Fed Chairman Jay Powell was a bigger enemy than Chinese Chairman Xi Xiaoping, Scarmucci went a step further than he’d gone before by asking for the public to encourage some sort of legislative intervention.

Scarmucci tweeted:

Scaramucci plays from the same hyperbolic playbook as President Trump, but seeing as the Dow Jones index has tanked immediately after Trump’s odd demand that American countries no longer do business with China (a power with which he is not vested) perhaps Scaramucci is being earnest in this request?


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