Trump’s Rose Garden Notes Spotted By Press: ‘They Want to Impeach Me Over Acts That They Did’


A Washington Post photographer captured an image of President Donald Trump‘s handwritten notes during his Rose Garden appearance.

WaPo staff photographer Jabin Botsford took the shot of Trump clutching the white paper where words are visible.

The note, written with what appears to be a Sharpie read, in part: “They want to impeach me over acts that they did” and “Dems have no achomlishments.”

WaPo’s Dan Eggen tweeted out the image.

Trump spoke to reporters in the Rose Garden on Wednesday after walking out meeting with Democrats, a move Nancy Pelosi called a “temper tantrum.”

Trump, however, insisted on Twitter that Pelosi lied and that he was “very polite and calm” in the meeting right before he appeared with his hand-scrawled note.

[image via screengrab]

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