Tucker Carlson Mocks CNN Coverage of Trump Finances: Can We See ‘Jeff Zucker’s Internet Search History’ Too?


Before President Donald Trump‘s rally began tonight, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson opened by mocking CNN’s coverage of the New York Times report obtaining ten years of Trump tax information, particularly Don Lemon‘s.

Lemon went on a tear last night calling Trump a “con man,” and Carlson said he and everyone else on CNN are basically making a mountain out of a molehill.

After playing another clip of Lemon roasting Trump, Carlson said, “Don Lemon is easily amused and he was thrilled last night. When the whole point of your network is to attack a single person, this is a major story.”

He said this should be no surprise to anyone and that the lesson is “you can steal someone’s private tax information, put it on television, and nobody even pauses or asks whether that’s a good idea, much less an invasion of privacy”:

“Are those the rules now? According to Democrats, yes they are the rules. Lawmakers in New York are preparing legislation that would force the release of Trump’s tax returns. But why stop there? How about his medical records? How about his internet search history? How about his texts or transcripts of his phone calls? Why not? And if people who don’t like Donald Trump can get that information about him, what about those of us who don’t like CNN? Can we get Don Lemon’s tax returns? What about Jeff Zucker’s internet search history? That’d be compelling. Seriously, what’s going on? What’s the limit? Is there a limit?”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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