Twitter Mocks Trump For Making it in Into Time Magazine as ‘One of the Accused’


The jig is up. President Donald Trump was not named Time’s Person of the Year, despite whatever doctored magazine cover that hangs on the wall at Mar-a-Lago.

It’s ok, though. It’s perfectly fine. Trump didn’t even want to be on their stupid magazine cover anyways. He told them as much, according to his one hundred percent truthful never-at-all braggadocios Twitter account.

Person of the Year honors went to “The Silence Breakers,” the endless cadre of women who have stepped forward to take powerful men to task for sexual harassment and assault.

The good news for our president’s fragile ego? Trump was mentioned in the magazine eight times. Huzzah!

The bad news for our president’s fragile ego? Most of these mentions were to remind readers of his alleged sexual misconduct. Whatever the opposite of huzzah is!

While Trump has yet to tweet angrily at this outrage of justice, using the social network earlier this morning merely to lob a random “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” at his followers, the rest of Twitter has mocked him endlessly. Here are some of the most brutal tweets.

It must be noted, however, that not all is broken mirrors and acid rain for President Trump. He was named as runner-up. You’ll get em next year, sir!

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