Twitter Mocks Trump Retweeting Affidavit Confusing Voter Fraud in Michigan and Minnesota: ‘A Turducken of Disinformation’

Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

Monday evening President Donald Trump announced via Twitter that he had directed his team to assist with GSA and President-elect Joe Biden’s team in the transition of a new administration. Many pundits either saw this as a first step towards a concession, or as close a concession President Trump will ever make, but a clear indication that he was preparing for his post-presidency.

Since then, however, Trump has gone all-in on making sure his Twitter audience knows that he is NOT conceding, and has continued to promote a mish-mash of content that ranges from fantastical to the absurd. And in this instance, maybe both.

The commander in chief retweeted something from Rep. Paul Gosar that included an affidavit from an “IT expert” and alleged specific voter irregularities that lay at the foundation of Trump’s continued legal efforts (of which he has lost nearly every case thus far.)

Unfortunately for the president, the specific affidavit is from a failed lawsuit filed by Sidney Powell. Oh, and the lawsuit mistook data from both Michigan and Minnesota (two states it should be noted both starts with the letter “M.”) This doubling-down at a failed and incompetent legal effort seemed a perfect metaphor for the Trump campaign, and was too good of a target to pass up in ridicule on Twitter, a social media platform fertile for such mockery. To wit:

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