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‘U.S. Troops Are NOT Safe’: Fox News Correspondent Fact Checks Trump’s Claims About Syria

Fox News National Security Correspondent Jennifer Griffin disputed President Donald Trump’s claims that Syria is protecting the Kurds and US troops are safe, Wednesday, in a report live from the Pentagon.

“Senior US defense officials tell me that what we’re witnessing right now is a deliberate phased withdrawal of US troops out of Syria. They will be repositioned elsewhere in the Middle East,” Griffin proclaimed. “The US military is collapsing patrol bases in northern Syria and will pull back to one base in north-east Syria from which they will be airlifted out. It is an extremely dangerous evacuation that is underway according to military commanders.”

Griffin then fact-checked the president’s claims that US troops are now safe and that Syria is “protecting the Kurds.”

After President Trump claimed, “Our soldiers are out of there. Our soldiers are totally safe. They’ve gotta work it out, maybe they can do it without fighting. Syria is protecting the Kurds. That’s good,” Griffin said, “Syria is not protecting the Kurds, and US troops are not yet safe.”

“The president just ordered 2,000 US troops to Saudi Arabia,” she continued, adding, “I’m told US troops in Syria are still racing to try to protect classified materials and valuable military equipment as the Turkish military and Russian-backed forces move toward those abandoned US bases and in some cases take over outposts the US had to leave hastily following the president’s decision.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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