Washington Post Reporter: Trump Has ‘Drifted Away’ From Fox News, With Exception of ‘Go-To Person’ Lou Dobbs


The Washington Post’s Robert Costa told MSNBC’s Morning Joe that President Donald Trump’s current spat with Fox News stems from the death of former CEO Roger Ailes.

“Really, his aides say he’s drifted away from Fox News ever since Roger Ailes passed away, that he believes it doesn’t have a political center in the way it did when Roger Ailes was running the network, someone who was driving the whole spirit of the network,” Costa told Katty Kay Thursday morning.

Ailes resigned from Fox in 2016 following numerous accusations of sexual harassment. He died in 2017.

Kay also asked Costa if there was a show that Trump watched regularly on the network.

“When you talk to people close to President Trump, they say the one show he watches on Fox News for the entire hour: it is Lou Dobbs’ program on Fox Business. I spoke to President Trump about this in an interview a couple of months ago and Lou Dobbs is his spirit guide politically on immigration, on nativism, on populism. This is really his main go-to person,” Costa said.

“He’s still close to Sean Hannity, but it’s mostly on the weekends when he’s watching news coverage, not editorial coverage, on Fox News that irritates him,” Costa said.

“For the president of the United States being angry at Fox News for not being sufficiently loyal, I suppose, would come as a great shock not only to Hillary Clinton,” Joe Scarborough told Adrianne Elrod. “But also to people like you who worked for Hillary Clinton and who have seen the channel continue to attack her even three years after she left public office.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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