comScore Kellyanne Conway Try to Explain Why There Was a Giant Meme Poster at Trump's Cabinet Meeting

Watch Kellyanne Conway Try to Explain Why There Was a Giant Meme Poster at Trump’s Cabinet Meeting

During her interview with Fox & Friends Thursday morning, Kellyanne Conway, counselor to the President Donald Trump, explained why he had a large printout of the “Sanctions Are Coming” picture, that was stylized after T.V. show Game of Thrones, during his first Cabinet meeting of 2019.

Trump had first posted the image on his Twitter account in November:

“Oh that’s just the President saying sanctions are coming November 4th,” Conway said. “I think the President speaking for 95 minutes and holding forth on any number of issues shows his transparency and shows he’s always willing to have the press in the room.”

Conway said she talked to Trump after the meeting and said they should invite the press back to cover another meeting.

“And that’s why he wants people like Mitt Romney to be a team player,” she added. “Not be out there just giving interviews and writing op-eds, but come with solutions, come to Washington with solutions. You know, three months from now, Mitt Romney will have voted with the President 95 percent of the time.”

“But the poster just happened to be there? Was it a message? Are sanctions coming November 4th,” Brian Kilmeade asked.

“Well I’ll let it speak for itself,” Conway replied. “The President maybe will be asked about that later on.”

Watch the clip above courtesy of Fox News.

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