Watch Lewandowski Deflect a Question About His Treatment of Women With Patriotic Garble


Could there be a more shameless proponent of President Donald Trump than Corey Lewandowski?

The former Trump campaign manager has, for some reason, been allowed to appear on television all week — ostensibly to promote his new book, Let Trump Be Trump. And during those appearance, Lewandowski has made one crazy statement after another, including his bizarre admission that he used to steam the president’s pants as he wore them.

This week, of all weeks, seems like a strange one for cable news networks to host Lewandowski — what with Sen. Al Franken and Rep. John Conyers facing their respective comeuppances.

With that in the air, it was only a matter of time before somebody asked Lewandowski about his own murky history with women, including the time he allegedly assaulted former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields.

MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson tried to broach the subject, asking Lewandowski if he has any regrets about his behavior towards women.

The answer was one for the books.

“You know what my regret is?” Lewandowski said. “I didn’t get to serve my country in the military – that’s my regret.”


After Lewandowski’s nonsensical answer, Jackson repeatedly attempted to force Lewandowski to be “introspective.” She asked him, “Are you looking back at the Michelle Fields incident and regretting it? Are you looking back at how you’ve behaved?”

Lewandowski responded “no,” and promptly deflected to the alleged misdeeds of Franken instead.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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