WATCH: President Trump Delivers Speech On U.S. Policy Towards Cuba LIVE STREAM


President Donald Trump will travel to Miami today to deliver a much anticipated speech, around 1:10 pm ET, where he is expected to announce the result of his administration’s review of U.S. policy toward Cuba.

The revised Cuba policy is aimed at stopping the flow of U.S. cash to the country’s military and security services, the White House announced. The policy will maintain diplomatic relations and allow U.S. airlines and cruise ships to continue servicing the island, according to NBC Chicago.

“Trump will tighten travel restrictions and ban U.S. spending with any state-run businesses tied to the military. People-to-people travel will end, but family travel will continue,” White House officials revealed during a conference call Thursday.

According to a statement obtained by USA Today, the Trump administration says, “The new policy centers on the belief that the oppressed Cuban people — rather than the oppressive Castro regime’s military and its subsidiaries — should benefit from American engagement with the island.”

Earlier this week, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told a Senate Foreign Relations Committee that the President would like business activity and trade with Cuba to continue because “he appreciates the benefits that this opening provides for the Cuban people”, according to La Oferta.

“However, the administration wants to ensure that it is not involuntarily or directly providing financial help to the Raul Castro regime and that it is not violating the law vis-a-vis sanctions on Cuba imposed by the US Congress over the past half century”, Tillerson said on Tuesday.

“As we’re developing these business relationships and as we’re enjoying the benefits on the economic and development side, are we inadvertently or directly providing financial support to the regime? Our view is we are,” He added.

It is also anticipated that President Trump will use the press conference to urge the Cuban government to improve its respect for human rights.

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