WATCH: Trump Brings Man in Border Wall Cosplay on Stage in Pennsylvania

At a campaign rally in Montoursville, Pennsylvania on Monday, President Trump noticed a man in the audience dressed as a border wall and brought him on stage.

“Can you get him up here?” Trump directed as he gestured into the crowd. “Come on. Look at this guy!”

When the man reached the podium the crowd cheered. Trump shook his hand, they exchanged a few words off mic, and he returned to the crowd.

“Now we know who he’s voting for,” said Trump. Thank you very much. He said I’m from San Diego, do you believe that?”

“He said, I’m from San Diego, and we need that wall, and you know, in San Diego as you know, it’s going up. And now it’s up. And here’s what they did in California, they wanted the wall so badly. And so they did it. And I said you know maybe I shouldn’t do it politically, let them ask. I did it. And now it’s beautiful,” Trump explained.

The outfit was a suit with a pattern made to look like bricks, and a MAGA hat. You couldn’t tell on camera if anyone had dug a tunnel under him.

Watch the clip above via NBC News.

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