Watch Trump Mock State Dept. ‘Never Trumpers’ Who Testified During Impeachment Hearings

During a political rally in Bossier City, Lousiana Thursday night, President Donald Trump dismissed the testimony of career State Department officials Bill Taylor and George Kent, the first witnesses in the public hearings in the impeachment inquiry led by the House Intelligence Committee.

Trump suggested that the two did not have an answer for Rep. John Ratcliffe who asked the two to describe what they saw as an impeachable offense. Both demurred in answering that question, while Taylor made clear that their role in the proceedings was not to determine what was impeachable or not, noting that that was the job of Congress.

“You saw yesterday, about when they ask these or two Never Trumpers,” Trump opened, before quotingRatcliffe’s question “‘what exactly do you think you will impeach him for?'” Trump then mocked the two, saying “And they stood there and went, like, what?”

“But they are unraveling, and their sinister plans will fail. They have already failed, as far as I’m concerned,” Trump concluded.

Kent and Sondland each have served presidents of both parties and claimed that would not make a determination about whether Trump’s actions were impeachable.

Watch above via Fox News.

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