WATCH: Trump Says He Thinks Adam Schiff Could Be the Whistleblower


President Donald Trump took questions from assembled members of the White House press corps for 71 minutes (!) and covered, well 71 minutes of wide-ranging comments on the issues of the day.

In this episode of “What Will Trump Say Next?” the commander in chief suggested that House Intel Committee chair Rep. Adam Schiff may, in fact, be the whistleblower that set off an impeachment inquiry, based on details of a now-notorious phone call between Trump and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenksy.

President Trump once again returned to his interest in unmasking the identity despite protection by federal statue. “You never hear the letter anymore. It was all about whistleblowers. You never hear, what happened to the whistleblower? They’re gone because they’ve been discredited,” Trump offered before questioning the Inspector General.

“And where is the I.G.? Why didn’t the I.G. Read the transcript — he could have gotten it, I’m sure. Why didn’t he read this and then see the whistleblower’s account was totally different than the letter? Then he would have said, oh, there is no problem here. The whistleblower gave a false account.”

“Do we have to protect somebody who gave a fully honest account of what happened. What about the informant? I don’t think there was an informant. The whistleblower had second and thirdhand information,” Trump baselessly offered without any evidence

Trump then curiously suggested a possible identity of the whistleblower.

“Maybe the informant was Schiff. In my opinion, it’s possibly Schiff. Why didn’t Schiff say he and his staff, or his staff?” Trump asked. There is no evidence available, however, that Schiff is in fact the whistleblower.

Watch above via Fox News.


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