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WATCH: Trump Says Some of the Police Shooting Victims Whose Families He Met Were Killed ‘Accidentally’

After meeting with several African American families who lost relatives to police shootings and racial injustice, President Donald Trump characterized the deaths of some of the victims as an accident.

Trump gave an interview to Sinclair’s Scott Thuman this week, which revolved around the continued national tensions over the death of George Floyd. This comes after Trump drew mixed feelings after a private meeting he held with the families of Ahmaud Arbery, Botham Jean, Antwon Rose, Jemel Roberson, Atatiana Jefferson, Michael Dean, Darius Tarver, Cameron Lamb, and Everett Palmer.

Thuman began by asking Trump if he should be “more empathetic” in order to inspire unity amid the unrest. Trump digressed from the question in order to delve into his economic talking points, and after falsely claiming former president Barack Obama couldn’t pass criminal justice reform, Thuman asked again if he “should sound more empathetic.”

“I am empathetic,” Trump answered. “I met with some of the greatest people yesterday, parents of young men and women who were — in some cases accidentally — and other cases, who knows about accidents, right? Children that were killed and it was a very sad thing.”

Trump did not elaborate on which deaths were accidents and which were not. After saying he feels “tremendous sorrow and loss,” Trump moved back to talking about economy before Thuman asked if he would do anything differently in retrospect with regard to race issues.

“I think tone is a very important thing and I try to have a very good tone, a very moderate tone, a very sympathetic tone,” Trump answered before once again going off track against his international economic foes.

Thuman moved on by asking Trump for his take about the protests against statues of controversial historical figures, and why he’s against renaming military bases named after Confederate leaders.

Watch above.

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