WHCD Red Carpet: Who Has Emerged As New Journalism Stars in Trump’s First 100 Days


It’s safe to say that “the media” has never been a hotter topic. Between President Donald Trump‘s campaign, and now, his first term, news anchors, correspondents, and even the cast of Saturday Night Live have become household names and celebrities. With every administration, stars are made. Mediaite’s own Travis Irvine was on the red carpet at this weekend’s White House Correspondents Dinner, and caught up with some of our favorite personalities to find out, from their perspectives, who has emerged as a media star during the Trump administration.

“Gosh, you stumped me on that one. I don’t spend a whole lot of time looking at that stuff because I’m so damn busy with what I’m doing,” said CNN’s Jim Acosta. He then mentioned his colleagues in the White House press briefing room, saying that they’re “Asking some tough questions. And whether it’s April Ryan, my colleagues in the front row, Jon KarlMajor GarrettJohn Roberts over at Fox News, Julie Pace and the other Associated Press reporters who are doing wonderful work, our friends over at Reuters, like Jeff Mason who’s the head of the Correspondents Association.” Matthews also mentioned Robert Costa, and praised his fair reporting of Trump.

Chris Matthews from MSNBC pointed out Stephen Colbert as well as Alec BaldwinKate McKinnon, and Melissa McCarthy who have earned rave reviews for their impersonations of Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Sean Spicer, respectively, on Saturday Night LiveAndrea Mitchell gave props to her colleagues at NBC and MSNBC including Kristen WelkerHallie Jackson, and Peter Alexander.

“I don’t mean to be rude, but CNN, I think, is killing it,” said Van Jones. “Jake Tapper has become a household name, Anderson Cooper is still one of the most popular people on earth. Don Lemon is killing it, just destroying the game… If you look at what his ratings are compared to what they used to be in that time slot.” He also added that “Samantha Bee is taking over the world right now.”

There’s lots more where that came from. Reverend Al Sharpton, Tapper, Lemon and more also weighed in.

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