White House Communications Director Mike Dubke Resigns

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White House communications director Mike Dubke has resigned after three months on the job, according to a report in Axios.

The resignation is the first sign of a massive shakeup of President Donald Trump’s communications team, reportedly forthcoming following a disastrous week in which his administration failed to contain the fallout from a number of damaging reports.

According to Axios:

Dubke served for just three months before tendering his resignation May 18. He offered to stay through the overseas trip, and Trump accepted. He has been trying to help restructure the press and communications operation, and is parting on good terms, a senior administration official said.

The report also notes that the resignation will be accompanied by broader changes in the comms team. Sean Spicer will remain press secretary, but do fewer on-camera briefings, and Trump himself with play a larger role in communicating the White House message to the press.

In a letter sent by Dubke to associates, he explained his decision to leave the administration as “personal”:

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