‘Inflammatory’ Video Of Casey Anthony Reacting To News Of A Dead Child May Soon Be Unsealed

A Florida judge is debating whether to release video footage of a jailed Casey Anthony that was sealed for being “highly inflammatory.”

In the video, Anthony reacts to news reports that a meter reader had found a child’s body in a swampy area near her family’s home. A highly emotional Anthony is seen doubling over and hyperventilating. At the time, the body had not yet been identified as that of Anthony’s daughter, Caylee.

The court determined that the video would undermine the court’s efforts to ensure Anthony’s right to a fair trial. But, now that Anthony has been acquitted on charges that she had killed her child, Orlando television station WKMG-TV Local 6 has filed a request to have the video unsealed.

The Orange and Osceola County State Attorney’s Office has said that it does not have a “dog in this fight,” and the decision to release the footage or keep it sealed is solely between the judge and the television station.


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