Bill Maher Defends Israel Again: ‘People Die in Wars’

Bill Maher and his panelists took on the issue of Israel tonight, and Maher found it ridiculous that everyone keeps criticizing Israel for Palestinian casualties. He said the harsh truth is that sometimes, “people die in wars,” and Israel doesn’t deserve any sort of special criticism over that.

Maher pointed to big, crazy, anti-Israel protests and how people are being killed in other countries and says no one’s denouncing that with the same outrage with which they’re denouncing Israel. Reza Aslan argued the difference is Israel is killing civilians with American weapons. He also disputed the idea Hamas is using so many Palestinians as human shields.

Maher said this is a war Hamas started, and for Israel to be expected to avoid Palestinian deaths at some kind of exponential rate is ridiculous. He said at least Israel is more targeted, but if the situation was reversed, Hamas would kill everyone in Israel.

Aslan shot back that while there is no moral equivalence, “it’s the democracy that requires greater criticism.”

Watch the video below, via HBO:

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