11-Year-Old Reporter Who Interviewed Elizabeth Warren Tells CNN He’s Most Impressed With Marianne Williamson


There’s a new face taking cable news by storm, and he’s only 11 years old.

Jaden Jefferson from Toledo, Ohio went viral Monday after landing a one-on-one interview with presidential candidate and Democratic senator Elizabeth Warren.

He asked Warren some solid questions, including what she considered President Donald Trump’s worst policy and what she is doing to ensure equal opportunities for people of color.

On Tuesday, Jaden sat down for an amazing interview with Brooke Baldwin on CNN at the debate site, where she greeted him with a fist bump.

“Was summer camp just not challenging enough? Like the kids at camp aren’t reading the Mueller Report? Why are you here, my dear?” Baldwin asked.

Jaden said he’s not a summer camp kind of kid. He prefers to watch the news or go out and shoot stories. He said Warren treated him “like any other reporter.”

“She didn’t treat me like I was a little kid, she took me seriously,” Jaden said. “I felt like I was being treated like a journalist, which I want to be treated anywhere I go.”

He also had a hot take on the 2020 candidates, saying Marianne Williamson impressed him the most, to which Baldwin responded, “Really?”

“There’s been a lot of reaction on Marianne and how she’s an author, people have said she’s doing this to promote a book or she was trying to just do this as a stunt, so definitely she’s been pretty impressive,” Jaden said.

Baldwin asked Jaden to offer some advice to the debate moderators, asking what is one question he thought these candidates should be asked.

“Well there’s a lot of them and thats where this question comes in: What separates you from the pack?” Jaden said.

Jaden’s interest in reporting and broadcasting started at just four-years-old. He began to cover local basketball games, but this exclusive interview with Senator Warren has really helped his career take off.

“I got a whole other hour if you want to do it,” Baldwin offered after letting him read the tease — which he delivered with the flair of CNN’s top talent.

Watch above, via CNN.

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