Gov. Perry At Prayer Event: ‘God Is Wise Enough Not To Be Affiliated With Any Political Party’

Texas Gov. Rick Perry‘s much talked about religious event “The Response” finally took place today, and as promised the potential Republican presidential candidate abstained from talking politics. Instead, Gov. Perry stood up to read scripture, mostly, and give a prayer for the American government and ask for forgiveness, because “we have forgotten who made us.”

Gov. Perry spent most of his twelve minutes on stage reading scripture, but in the moments he spoke freely he took care to make clear the event he was hosting had no political nature. It was a call to prayer for “those who have lost jobs, who have lost their homes– people who have lost hope… for those who cannot see the light in the midst of all the darkness.” He told the crowd that God was “a personal god,” that “he desires not a show of religion,” but a deep, private relationship. “His agenda is not a political agenda,” he said to cheers, “His agenda is a salvation agenda.” He continued noting that “He is wise enough not to be affiliated with any political party. For that matter, He’s wise enough not to be affiliated with any man-made institutions.”

He then read extensively from the Bible, before offering a prayer to the President, his family, the entire government, and the troops. “You call us to repent,” he prayed, “and this day is our response.”

Gov. Perry’s full remarks below:

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