6 Offensive Things Said by Other Reality TV Stars

If you haven’t heard by now, A&E’s Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson was suspended from his show after throwing down some particularly crass, illogical “logic” about homosexuality (and bestiality).

Immediately following the news of his suspension, I wrote that A&E made the wrong decision, especially given how no one should be surprised that a deeply conservative Christian man who lives in a swamp has an unflattering view of consenting adults who engage in homosexual activity.

In fact, no one should really ever be surprised when a reality TV star says something offensive or outrageous. Don’t believe us? Check out these other instances below (Robertson and Paula Deen excluded, since… enough already.)

In putting together these six examples, what have we learned? Reality TV stars aren’t the brightest people on the planet. And they have a penchant for saying spectacularly insensitive things about other people. Huh. Go figure.

Oh, also: Most reality stars don’t get punished for saying brutally offensive things. Why? Likely because everyone knows what they’re getting into when they invest time in a reality show.


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