60 Minutes Apologizes for Inserting Vroom Noise into Tesla Report

60 MinutesScott Pelley filed an in-depth report on Elon Musk and Tesla this past Sunday, and early on in the report there’s footage of a Tesla Model S in action, accompanied by vrooming noises, which is odd because electric cars do not sound like that.

Jalopnik noticed the error after the report aired Sunday, finding it odd that 60 Minutes would “plop engine sounds on a car that most folks realize is nearly silent.” Fox News obtained a statement from 60 Minutes admitting the error.

On Monday afternoon, a CBS representative issued a statement to saying, “our video editor made an audio editing error in our report about Elon Musk and Tesla last night. We regret the error and it is being corrected online.”

We have both videos below for comparison. First, here’s the clip in question with the added audio, as it aired on 60 Minutes Sunday night:

And here’s how it sounds now online (starting at the one-minute mark):

[h/t MoJo]
[photo via screengrab]

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