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60 Minutes Profiles South Park Creators: Haven’t Yet Found A Line They Won’t Cross

Trey Parker and Matt Stone are the creator’s of Comedy Central other long-running and hit show that consistently makes insightful political commentary by amplifying absurdities from the day’s headlines. South Park has been on air for well over a decade, and its creators have extended their creative reach to movies, and recently, a Broadway show. 60 Minutes Steve Kroft recently sat down with Stone and Parker to discuss their hit musical The Book of Mormon as well as their creative process.

As is often the case when 60 Minutes tries it hand at explaining pop culture phenomena, the following segment is by turns entertaining and remarkably banal for nearly anyone with a passing knowledge of South Park. It’s a strange editorial decision that leads the news magazine producers to highlight a “hip and young show” and yet, in the process, reveal how out of touch it must consider many of its viewers.

Still, there are some great archival clips included in the segment, like their first student film Cannibal, The Musical. And watching the creative process that dedicates far more energy to clever concepts than high fidelity animation or special effects should be held as an example for nearly every development exec across the land. It’s easy to mock 60 Minutes for treating the South Park guys in such a square manner, but the net result is actually quite a treat.

Watch the segment below, courtesy of CBS News:

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