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8 Other Reality Shows Obama Should Visit During His Last Year

president obama reality tvNBC announced early Monday that President Barack Obama will appear on a special episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls, a reality show in which celebrity guests learn survival skills with host Bear Grylls.

The whole point of the president’s next foray into the world of reality television (it’s not his first) is to help promote the White House’s climate change agenda. Considering that Obama and Grylls will film the episode during the former’s visit to Alaska this week, the White House has definitely found the right outlet.

Then again, this is reality TV we’re talking about — a strange, decidedly unreal world through which millions of American view the world, depending on which channel(s) they’re tuned into. So what other shows might Obama visit during the final year of his presidency?

The Amazing Race

Scratch that. Obama already served two terms as president, so he cannot legally run for any additional terms per the 22nd Amendment — despite the constant comparisons to Franklin D. Roosevelt, who served three terms and was elected for a fourth. Besides, considering the ever-growing number of Republican and Democratic candidates for 2016, the race is already quite crowded.

The Voice

Between his jokey rendition of “On the Road Again” with Willie Nelson and his heartfelt performance of “Amazing Grace” from the pulpit during his eulogy for Rev. Clementa Pinckney in Charleston, Obama really, really loves to sing. A lot. So maybe it’s high time he took his vocal chords to The Voice. Lord knows what Pharrell Williams could do to improve Obama’s skills if given the chance.

The Apprentice

Perhaps the best way to get back at Donald Trump for every nasty thing he’s ever said would be for Obama to take over the former’s old job on the hit reality show he created. Besides, in a rather unique, coincidental manner, it’s not too different from what Trump is trying to do with his 2016 candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination. Besides, who wouldn’t want to hear the leader of the free world say “you’re fired”?

Duck Dynasty

Obama was invited to hunt with star Willie Robertson on The Laura Ingraham Show last year. So why not join up with Willie and the rest of the Duck Dynasty family for a spell? The president has discussed the subject before — both in terms of the 2nd Amendment and its legality, and of the practice itself. Or as Obama told The New Republic in 2013, “we do skeet shooting all the time.” Okay, maybe he doesn’t hunt, but Willie could teach him.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Hillary Clinton preemptively conquered fans (otherwise known as “legion”) of Kim KardashianKanye West, and their extended family when she took a selfie with them on the campaign trail this month. Yet this shouldn’t be a deterrent from Obama making an appearance on the family’s hit E! reality show. Besides, it would probably help the president get back on Kim and Kanye’s good sides.

The Bachelorette

Considering Malia Obama‘s recent tabloid popularity due to a Kenyan lawyer’s attempts to offer a dowry for her hand in marriage, maybe the president ought to put a call in to ABC for a little help. Is it low to implicitly suggest that Obama should make use of an otherwise terrible-for-long-term-relationships program to marry off his daughter? Yes, yes it is. Then again, the president and Malia could use the platform to highlight its idiocy.

Top Chef

Michelle Obama‘s focus on healthy eating has been a curse and a blessing. On the one hand, it’s awesome, and it inspired the creation of a phenomenal spoof trailer over at Funny or Die. Yet like almost everything associated with Obama’s administration, it has also garnered the ire of dissenting Republicans everywhere. Maybe the president should enter the fray — not on Michelle’s behalf, of course, but as a means of demonstrating what his wife has taught him.

19 2 Kids and Counting

TLC had to cancel the Duggar family’s original claim to fame recently, but that doesn’t mean the original structure of the show cannot somehow be revived and converted into something else. Besides, Barack and Michelle have two kids, and if you count dogs Bo and Sunny, then the otherwise loose argument can be made that the family is “still counting” others. As for making something else of the show, perhaps the president might want to promote family planning? Puppies? Not molesting children, even?

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