82-Year-Old Former Sen. Alan Simpson Gives Neil Cavuto ‘Intimacy’ Tips

Former Sen. Alan Simpson (R-WY), 82, joined Fox News host Neil Cavuto on Friday where he revealed what the host said was the former senator’s “saucy side.” Simpson shared with Cavuto some “intimacy” tips, extending even to keeping one’s partner happy in “the sack.”

Simpson said that he became an intimacy advisor after he was queried by a random man if he would ask a female NPR reporter to go to a Wyoming dance for him. Simpson added that, as a former divorce attorney and decades of marriage, he believed he is qualified to discuss relationship issues.

“If you have intimacy, which is not the big ‘S,’ then you think it’s going to lead right to that,” Simpson said. “That’s not necessarily the case.”

“The real issue is warmth, a hug, you know, a kick in the leg in the sack, and you know, I love you,” Simpson continued. “That’s not a bad thing to do.”

Watch the clip below via Fox News:

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