90’s Flashback: Stephen Colbert Reports On Rube Goldberg Machine Competition For GMA

Before Stephen Colbert hosted The Colbert Report, he worked for a few years as a correspondent on The Daily Show (even preceding Jon Stewart‘s reign as host on that show). But before that, Colbert did a brief stint as a correspondent on Good Morning America. And since Colbert was a guest host on GMA today, this flashback just shows how full-circle Colbert’s career has come.

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This was back when Charlie Gibson hosted the morning show, and Gibson takes it out to Colbert in the field. Colbert files his report from the Rube Goldberg Annual Competition, where competitors were tasked with designing a machine that could load and play a CD. (Ah, the 90s.)

Colbert invites one inventor to show off his machine, asking him basic questions about how he assembled it and where he got the parts for it. When the machine ends up not working all the way, Colbert comments, “And laughter turns to tears.” One more team shows off their machine before Colbert sends it back to the studio. He wryly ends by joking about the migrant workers who load CDs who are losing their jobs by the minute thanks to these machines.

Watch the video below:

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